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Thursday, March 14
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Programs & Services

The Prince Edward Family Health Team currently offers a number of programs including:

Ambulatory Blood Pressure: Using up to 24 hours of accurate blood pressure data during normal activities of daily living and inform the primary care provider. Promote understanding of how lifestyle and food choices impact blood pressure.

Cardiac Rehabilitation: is a program of exercise education and counselling to help make heart healthy living part of your everyday life. The program is proven to improve the quality of life of participants who have experience a heart event and to increase the likelihood of returning to work and to valued leisure activities following their cardiac event.  The Cardiac Rehab. - Prince Edward Ambulatory Cardiac Health (PEACH) program offers Cardiac Rehabilitation in the Picton Clinic building next to Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital on Main Street in Picton. A commitment to participate in two exercise sessions each week for up to 12 weeks and a third independent off-site exercise session is required of all participants. Attendance at weekly education presentations during the 12 week program and ongoing participation in community activity programs following graduation is also encouraged to continue a heart healthy lifestyle.

Clinical Nutrition: Registered dietitians assist our community in making appropriate food choices for disease prevention and the treatment of nutrition-related conditions.  PEFHT Registered Dietitians are trained in the assessment, prevention and treatment of nutrition and nutrition related conditions.

Coordinated Care Program (CCP): Designed to focus on frail individuals with multiple complex comorbidities and social issues who may require additional supports and services to stay healthy in the community.  The concept of a coordinated care program was created by Health Links which established criteria of 4 or more chronic conditions with an inpatient hospitalization in the previous year, or at the discretion of a PCP.

Diabetes Education: A comprehensive diabetes management program aimed at supporting patients and families, in their diabetes self-management, through education, medication adjustment and collaborative goal setting. To work closely with clients and their families living with diabetes in Prince Edward County, along with their physicians and nurse practitioners. We promote self-management and improve quality of life through education, motivation and through supporting behavioral change in clients and families living with diabetes.

Health Promotion: The role of the Health Promoter is tailored and continuously adapting to our patients' needs.  To promote health we will extend our reach into the community.

Heart Function: The Prince Edward Family Health Team Heart Function Program provides ongoing outpatient care for patients who have heart failure or are at high risk for heart failure.

Higher Risk Foot Care: This program provides a comprehensive lower limb and foot exam for patients with Diabetes and/or Peripheral Vascular Disease to determine their potential risk of foot complications secondary to Diabetes and/or PVD. A plan of care going forward is developed with the patient according to the results of the initial assessment and is reassessed ongoing by the patient's PCP/PEFHT Higher Risk Foot Clinic Nurse during subsequent foot exams to help patient understand how to manage and what to look for as conditions change.  Depending on acuity, patient is recalled for follow-up to ensure acute issues can be identified.

Lung Health: A comprehensive lung care program aimed at early detection, prevention of disease advancement and approaches to manage through the spectrum of condition progression through to palliative care. 

Maternal Infant Child: Prenatal and post-delivery support and education; breast feeding and 18 month well baby check.

Memory Clinic: Program that provides timely assessment and diagnosis for patients with suspected cognitive impairments and/or dementia.

Mental Health: Promote mental health wellness and illness prevention in the community through counselling of patients in an individual or group setting.

Palliative Care: Palliative Care Program is to provide quality, seamless palliative care for patients and their families.

Pharmacy: The PEFHT pharmacist provides pharmaceutical care as part of the inter-professional team, with a focus on identifying, preventing and resolving medication related problems.  The service ensures the use of professional practice scope and knowledge of drugs and dispensing to provide direct patient care and provide drug information and education.  The program is considered a support to other PEFHT programs to assist in meeting other program goals and objectives.

Smoking Cessation: The Prince Edward Family Health Team Smoking Cessation Program provides individualized support and education for smokers of all ages, who are interested in quitting.

Visiting Consultant: Specialty services provided by consultants that visit PEC offering appts to patients at the PEFHT office location in the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital.  Offers accessible care to specialists close to home.

Wound Care: Provide high quality wound care based on best practice guidelines to develop patients' skills to manage wound care at home if appropriate and provide patients with information to help reduce the risks of infection and other complications.


To participate in PEFHT programs speak to your family doctor for referral or call PEFHT reception at Harbourview Clinic  613-476-0400 ext. 0 for more information.