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Chronic Disease Prevention and Management


A chronic disease is a disease that lasts a long time. Most chronic diseases cannot be cured and become a life long challenge. Managing symptoms, by having regular medical check-ups, can help to improve the quality of life for people living with chronic diseases.

A few examples of chronic diseases include:
•Chronic obstructive pulmonary (lung) disease
•Congestive heart failure

Certain lifestyles increase the risk of chronic diseases. You are at higher risk if you:
•Drink alcohol
•Have little physical activity
•Eat a high fat, high calorie, salty diet (typical of a fast food diet)

You can reduce your risk of chronic diseases by:
•Stopping smoking
•Limiting alcohol consumption
•Eating a healthy diet
•Staying active
•Maintaining a healthy weight
•Going for regular medical check-ups

Our Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Strategy

The Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Strategy has been developed to meet the expectations of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, that Family Health Teams take a community-based approach to the prevention and management of chronic diseases.


Our goal is to support and improve clinical, functional and population health in Prince Edward County by:

1. Basing initiatives on Ontario's Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Framework
2. Working together with various health professionals to provide comprehensive patient, family and community centred health care including:
•Treatment and management
•Preventative and disease specific education
•Support for self-managed care
•Primary Care Provider follow-up
•Appropriate and timely referrals to specialists and community support services
•Participating in community health promotion and illness and injury prevention activities

3. Delivering high quality, timely care, which respects the needs, wishes and diversity of our patients.


By working together to prevent and manage chronic diseases, we aim to:
•Reduce hospitalizations
•Reduce emergency room visits
•Improve your knowledge of chronic diseases
•Improve your ability to manage your chronic diseases
•Improve your quality of life
•Improve access to quality health care

Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Services

The Prince Edward Family Health Team promotes good health and helps to prevent the development of chronic illnesses by working with community partners, by organizing and participating in local community health fairs, and have written health related articles for publication.

To compliment the regular health care and support you receive in your doctor's or nurse practitioner's office, the Family Health Team also offers access to the following specialty services to rostered PEC FHT patients:

•Cardiology Services
•Respirology Services
•Chronic Disease Self Management Program