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Welcome to the Kid's Covid -19 Vaccination Information Page!

December 4th Kid's Vaccination Clinic by appointment only.


Book your appointment through the provincial portal at:

 Ontario Vaccine Booking or call 1-833-943-3900

Kids are asked to wear something with short sleeves to help make things easier for everyone. We will try our best to make your child comfortable, and recommend that you bring along something for comfort or a distraction.

The COVID-19 Vaccination clinic for kids will start to take walk-ins for the 5-11 year-old age group on December 11th and for the regular clinic days Monday and Thursday.  

If a child is really anxious, they may want to invest in the numbing cream/gel/patches and to please apply these 30 minutes ahead of time on the arm of the preferred injection location.

Parents and older Siblings who need a second, third or booster dose will be able to get those shots as a walk-in with their child/sibling at the kid's clinics.  They can not book into these clinics, but if they are attached to a child with a booked appointment, we will be happy to give them their vaccinations as well.  We will only be offering the Pfizer vaccine.  If Moderna is preferred, you will need to come to one of our other regularly scheduled clinics.   

If you are unable to make it to these clinics vaccinate the kids in less busy hours at the public vaccination clinics from 4 pm - 7 pm on Mondays and 2 pm- 4 pm on Thursdays, if at all possible. 

Also, if people have questions, they are still welcome to come down to the vaccination clinic and someone should be available to speak with them.

Preparing Kids for Shots - Dr. K. Morrison

Rexall Pharmacy has confirmed they do have paediatric vaccine with online bookings at www.rexall.ca 


Max the Vaxx answers questions for kids and caregivers