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6 months plus - Vaccination Clinic TODAY!


hildrens Summer COVID 19 Vaccination Clinic


Booking for kids 6 months - 4 year as well as kids 5 -11 years old ( so siblings can get in for shots if needed).

Family members who qualify for shots will be able to receive theirs at the same time. 

Children under 5 years will receive Moderna, we will have the pediatric Pfizer available for those 5 years and over. 

A second kids clinic will be available in 8 weeks for children to receive their second shot.

Vaccinations are also available at local pharmacies and by appointment at our regular Tuesday afternoon clinics.

This clinic will be set up to cater to children under 5 and provide a less stressful environment for these children.  However, we would encourage parents to consider applying a numbing cream such as Emla prior to at the clinic as this needs time to become effective. Using numbing cream will help make getting the next shot easier.