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PEFHT Physicians Lead COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

PEFHT Physicians are holding the first immunization clinic for their patients data-start=ing today to help those that want the vaccine to get it at Rotary Hall in Picton.

We have been allotted Astra Zenica vaccines and are concentrating on the over 55 age group with high risk conditions. We are flexible enough to include caregivers in the household as well if they are over 55 years old.

Additional information about AstraZeneca
- Overall, AstraZeneca vaccine effectiveness is lower than the other two approved vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna).  It still performs well.  Its overall effectiveness is 76% at preventing infections, versus 92% and 93% for Pfizer and Moderna.

- AstraZeneca has been shown to be 100% effective at preventing severe disease after the second dose. 

- Vaccine-induced Prothrombic Immune Response is a very rare side effect, associated with low platelets and abnormal clots.  There have been fewer than 40 cases world-wide.  The incidence is approximately 1 in 1 million, and cases have occurred primarily in females aged 20 to 55.

 We do not recommend waiting to get the vaccine you think you want, the best vaccine is the one in your arm.