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ROM Berry Holiday Wreath
A great idea to make anytime a bit more festive.
Thanks Sarah, RD for December's Recipe of the Month inspiration. <span class="_5zk7" style="font-family: inherit; border-bottom-color: rgba(88, 144, 255, 0.3); border-bottom-width: 1px; border-bottom-style: solid; background-color: rgba(88, 144, 255, 0.15);" spellcheck="false" data-offset-key="1u3rp-1-0" offsetkey="1u3rp-1-0" blockkey="1u3rp" end="69" start="65" decoratedtext="#PEC" contentstate="j { " }"="" }="" true="" false,="" 70,="" "1u3rp",="" {="" h="" },="" 64,="" {}="" map="" 0,="" ],="" null="" {},="" orderedset="" j="" [="" list="" ",="" #pec="" inspiration.="" month="" the="" of="" recipe="" december's="" for="" rd="" sarah,="" "thanks="" "unstyled",="" a="" festive.",="" more="" bit="" anytime="" make="" to="" idea="" great="" "a="" "eiv83",="" orderedmap="" object],="" [object="">#PEC