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Focus on Lung Health

PEFHT39;s Lung Health program helps people better understand and manage their lung conditions through education and personalized action plans. Your plan of action includes; contact names and phone numbers, treatment of COPD – symptoms and action, medication and strategies – for early treatment of symptoms worsening. 

PEFHT39;s  Lung Health program is aimed at early detection, reducing advancement of disease and implementation of self-management approaches to manage through the spectrum of condition progression through to palliative care.  For those living with or at risk of developing lung disease to have the best quality of life possible.

The Role of PEFHT Respiratory Educators:
a. Facilitate breathing tests (spirometry)  
b. Completes physical assessments  
c. Monitors medication effectiveness  
d. Offers lung health education sessions
e. Prepares and reviews Asthma and COPD Action Plans to provide prompt recognition and treatment of exacerbations to improve patient outcomes
f. Consults with family physicians, nurse practitioners, dietitians, pharmacists, social workers and specialists as needed  


The goals of the Lung Health Program are:  
a. Early detection
b. Reduce advancement of disease
c. Alleviate breathlessness and other respiratory symptoms
d. Improve exercise tolerance and daily activity
e. Implement self-management approaches to manage your lung health condition
f. Prevent and treat exacerbations and complications
g. Provide those with lung disease the best quality of life possible 

The Prince Edward Family Health Team Smoking Cessation Support Service provides individualized support and education for smokers of all ages, who are interested in quitting. 

 Help prevent the health impacts related to smoking through individual counselling and free nicotine replacement therapy.  If you are contemplating quitting, call our central scheduling line at 613-476-0400 to make a Smoking Cessation appointment. You do not need a referral to obtain an appointment.