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COVID-19 Massive Testing Petition Here's a Canadian petition that we can participate in to support our Physicians, Nurses, all other front line workers and ourselves. #MassiveCOVID19Testing #PrinceEdwardCounty #KnowledgeIsPower #PEC PEFHT Physician approved. Massive COVID-19 Petition
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Letter to the Seasonal Residents of Prince Edward County The Physicians of the Prince Edward Health Team have written an letter to our Seasonal Residents: Letter to the Seasonal Residents of Prince Edward County
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April - Kitchen Essentials In place of recipe of the month for April, our Registered Dietitian is excited to be sharing a list of kitchen essentials. While there is no need to stockpile food at this time, having a well stocked pantry will help to limit your number of trips to the grocery store and ensure your family is well fed. Consider meals an opportunity to nourish yourself and your loved ones during this time. Of course when cooking or eating together, ensure everyone uses good hand washing routines and clean kitchen surfaces frequently. If tasting during cooking/baking, avoid re-using your utensils or
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Nutrition Month Recipes For anyone who may have missed our local social media postings, here's the list of recipes chosen by our Clinical Nutrition Team for Nutrition Month. Hearty Manitoba Vegetable Soup Proudly Canadian Beet and Barley Salad Super Easy Chicken Parm Peach, Strawberry and Almond Muesli Grilled Vegetable, Bean and Avocado Tacos Nutrition Month 2020 Cookspiration Thanks to Sarah and Donna for a great variety of meal choice and ideas. We have to say good-bye to Donna but thank her for joining PEFHT to cover Kim's Mat leave. And with that
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Social Distancing and Self Isolation We ALL have to stop at the RED LIGHT for this to work for all of us.
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Unnerved by COVID 19? Here's a release from Ontario College of Family Physicians
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Other News
ICYMI Dr. Christie & Dr. Olgaza on 99.3 County FM March 17
COVID-19 Update
Evening Walking Program Cancelled
Heart Month on Today's Grapevine
Free Tax Clinics and Benefit Screening services coming soon...
EWP cancelled Thursday and Family Day
Offices and Clinics Closed Family Day
Advance Care Planning
EWP cancelled Feb. 13 & 17
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