April 5, 2023 - Join us for a discussion about  

Advance Care Planning

Advance care planning is a process of preparing a person and/or their substitute decision-maker to make healthcare decisions in the future if necessary.

ACP Topics include:
- planning for unexpected events
- healthcare decisions
- choosing a representative or substitute decision-maker
- how to talk about your values, wishes, and beliefs
- the importance of ACP

Presenters include; Lisa Turik from @CALC, Sandra Barnes from @Hospice PE and Matt Del Grosso from @PEFHT



April 16, 2023, is Advance Care Planning Day

If Not You, Who? 

Who would you trust to make your healthcare decisions?

Planning for your future healthcare needs is important. So, we’re asking: Do you know what would happen if you couldn’t speak for yourself? Who would you trust to make those healthcare decisions for you? 

You have the power to choose who that person is. They can be a family member, a friend, or anyone in your life that you trust to make the kinds of healthcare decisions you would want. 

Think about who you would trust with making those important decisions for you. 

Think about what matters most in your life and how that might help guide someone in making the kinds of healthcare decisions you would want.  

The best time to think about this is now when you can speak for yourself. We have useful guides to help you along the way. 



Five Steps of Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning Website