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Nicole is a Certified Respiratory Educator!
Congratulations to Nicole Stoness,  RPN for becoming a certified respiratory educator and stepping up for our team ... Full Story
Monday, October 2
PAP Party returns!
Join us for a PAP party! We are offering this cervical cancer screening clinic to women over 21 who haven't had ... Full Story
Monday, October 2
Canadian Malnutrtion Awareness Week Oct. 2-6
Sarah Sandham, PEFHT's Registered Dietitian, shares the 2023 Canadian Malnutrition Awareness Week information. ... Full Story
Monday, October 2

Nursing Incentives

Provincial Community Commitment Program for Nurses

Prince Edward Family Health Team (PEFHT) is offering a $25,000 financial incentive
through the provincial government’s Community Commitment Program for Nurses
(CCPN) to an eligible Nurse Practitioner in exchange for a two-year employment

To be eligible for the financial incentive, you must:

• Not have been employed as a nurse in Ontario in the six months prior to being hired
• Hold a Certificate of Registration in good standing from the College of Nurses of
• Begin employment no later than March 31, 2024
• Commit to 2 years of employment at a full-time work schedule with the PEFHT
• Not simultaneously receive funds from the Ministry of Health for the Tuition
Support Program for Nurses.

Do you qualify?  Apply Here

Need more information? View details here.

Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Program

The Government of Canada offers Canada Student Loan forgiveness to eligible NPs,
RNs and RPNs who work in under-served rural or remote communities that lack the
primary health care they need.

Prince Edward County qualifies as an under-served rural community.

If you are a nurse or nurse practitioner and you qualify, you could receive up to
$20,000 in Canada Student Loan forgiveness over a maximum of five years ($4,000 per year).

Find out more about the Loan Forgiveness Program.