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Friday, July 12
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Monday, July 8

Alpaca shearing season is done for this year!

Update for Spring of 2024

Shearing is done for another year! Everyone did well. A few nicks here and there but nothing to write home about.

I was so worried about little Vanilla Bean. She has been through so much over the past couple of months. She was scared and very jumpy but Mulin did a great job head holding and keeping her as calm as possible. As soon as the shearing was over she went back to her mom for comfort.

Thanks to all who sent good weather. The day before shearing was showers but both shearing days were sunny and dry.

Thanks to everyone who came out to help. We couldn't have done it without you ❤

Stay tuned for dates in 2025

A little bit about Dee:

Dee, a retired nurse from our cardiac rehab team, is the proud owner of a farm and a variety of animals, including a herd of alpacas

She is seeking volunteers to join her for the alpaca shearing day. There are a variety of jobs to be done, including hands-on work with the alpacas and sorting through the fibre.

No special skills are required, only a sense of humour and the ability to follow instructions.

It's a working day, so be sure to wear work clothes.

If you are interested in participating in this unique and rewarding activity, please contact Dee to discuss shifts. Whether you can stay for the whole day or just a few hours, any help is appreciated.

If you cannot make it, please send good weather vibes! 😀

Contact Dee Hazell at  stonefieldedenalpacas@gmail.com for any questions.

Address: 195 Partridge Hollow Road in Consecon.

Farm Phone: 1 (613) 849 8373

Website: Stonefield Alpacas (stonefieldedenalpacas.com)

 LW, Valarian and Peppercorn  haroldshorseradish