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Congratulations to Dr. Burke!

Congratulations Dr. Graham Burke 

Dr. Burke has been awarded the 2024 Dorothy Ley Award of Excellence in Hospice Palliative Care. 

The award recognizes outstanding achievement in the true spirit of hospice palliative care and is presented in recognition of efforts to advance and improve quality of care.

Dr. Dorothy Ley was one of Canada’s first champions for quality end-of-life care, and this award is given to an individual who personifies that vison.

 Heather Campbell with support from Dr. Sarah Le Blanc and Dr. Tamara Ademek nominated Dr. Burke for this award of excellence. The award nominations were adjudicated for HPCO by a panel of HPCO Directors and past recipients of the award.


“We will not leave you. We will watch with you. We will be there.”

– Dr. Dorothy Ley