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Our Strategic Plan Has Come Together
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Tuesday, November 28
Welcome Dr. Branton
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Tuesday, November 21
World Diabetes Day
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Tuesday, November 14

Cardiac Rehab Introduction 

Welcome to the Prince Edward Family Health Team's Cardiac Rehab Program!

The PEFHT's Cardiac Rehab program consists of:

1)  A joint assessment visit with Cathy Brose, RN and physiotherapist Nancy Lock

2)  We are currently enrolling participants to our in-house exercise program at the Picton Clinic location, 389 Main Street. One day per week on Wednesdays at 8:30am and 10:30 am. You would have to have an appointment with our physician lead, Dr. Blanchard or Dr. Wattam prior to starting the group exercise option.

We also offer a virtual Cardiac Rehab with follow-up one on one phone calls from Cathy or Nancy to help progress their current home exercise program and work on the health goals they indicate when they enter the program if you would prefer this option instead of exercising in person in our clinic

3) One on one phone assessments with our PEFHT dietician and/or PEFHT pharmacist if appropriate.

4) Education on a variety of topics about Cardiac Risk Factors are provided weekly through email online live talks or prerecorded videos and handouts available from our website.

There is an initial paperwork package to complete before commencing with the Cardiac Rehab Program.

PEACH Walking Log Book

Walking Logbook Now Available

Information for Group Exercise Participants

Making Exercise a Lifestyle

Warming Up and Cooling Down

How do I know if I'm Exercising Too Hard?

Hydration & Summertime Flavoured Water

Medications & Medication Links

Daily Walking Log -Printable

Cardiac Rehab Education

Education - Handouts

Education Series -Video's and Handouts



Activity Alert - Walking is Medicine